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Recognizing the need for top-notch, affordable business services, we formed Ledgers.

We also discovered that most small business owners were forced to either pay a great deal of money to large and generally unresponsive accounting firms or to spend long, frustrating nights trying to keep up with the paperwork involved in running a business.

Throughout our Nationwide Network of offices, we offer a complete line of cost-effective business services second to none. Our Ledgers Professional can provide you with:

Everything A Business Needs...


Why Choose Ledgers?


Our Professionals are trained and supported by Business Professionals including CA's, CGA's, CMA's, MBA's and more

Our Professionals must adhere to very strict standards of financial reporting, ethics and representation as set forth by our Corporate Management Team.


Our Professionals do not just present you with a printout from an off the shelf accounting package, our professionals will help you to interpret the information presented as well as make informed decisions based upon that information.


Our Professionals can save you money! By having the education, skills and training, our Professionals can prepare your complete year end financial package including your corporate and personal tax returns at a fraction of the fees charged by 'big' accounting firms.


Our Professionals are entrepreneurs, just like you. They know what it takes to run a successful business.


Our Local, Personal service means you will develop a business relationship with your Ledgers Professional. At Ledgers, you are not just another client, but a member of the same business community as our Professionals.


Our affordable rates, personal attention and dedication to service excellence is your guarantee of the Quality and Standards you can expect from a Ledgers Professional.


Our Ledgers Professionals are always undergoing training upgrades and are participating in the courses of Ledgers Education Services. This is your assurance that our Ledgers Professionals are always up to date with the latest changes and trends in the business community.

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